Shipping Information

We ship all year round throughout the United States (even Alaska & Hawaii)!

Please allow extra time for any packages that may require ice. 

Upon completion of your purchase, you will receive order details, shipping info and a tracking #. 

We strive to ensure that all orders arrive in excellent condition. It is our preference to ship your package as we have over 15 years experience. We use recyclable biodegradable padding whenever possible. If anything were to go wrong with your package, we can easily rectify the situation. 

In the warmer months, (or warm climate areas) orders are shipped with a Solar Insulated Shield box with icepacks. We preferably ship Monday-Wednesday for these orders. The potential of chocolate sitting over the weekend prevents us from capably shipping packages close to the weekend. 

Inside the box of a shipping order

Care of your Chocolate

* Do not refrigerate, chocolate can gather unwanted moisture in the fridge.

* Store your chocolate in a cool place in your house (68 degrees or lower is great) and out of direct sunlight.

* Your pantry is a perfect spot.

* Our chocolate is handmade without any artificial ingredients or preservatives and are best consumed within the first month of purchase.