About Naked Chocolate

Our family invites you to join us in celebrating the differences, flavors, and textures of some of the most wonderful chocolate varietals in the world.

Naked Chocolate cacao has been carefully sourced via direct trade from small hard working equatorial family farms around the world. Your purchase helps us to support those farmers and to sustain the cacao tree for generations to come.

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Meet the Team…


Justin Zaslow

Growing up in the Philadelphia area, I figured out early that there are two kinds of people in this world. People who eat to live and people who live to eat. My love of food started as a child helping my mom in the kitchen and taking an interest in all of the latest greatest restaurants. Instead of following my culinary dream I took the circuitous route going to college for and developing a career in management. However, I reached a point where I felt burnt out. I quickly decided to leave my job and move to Northern California to learn about farming and organics. I came back east after a year and studied holistic nutrition in NYC. I was then lucky enough to be accepted to the Natural Gourmet Institute for Health and Culinary Arts in New York. 

I completed culinary school and apprenticed under my father-in-law Tom as well as Swiss chocolatier Jean Pierre Meyenberg. The past 12 years I have been honing my craft and developing the business plan for the evolution of Naked Chocolate. My epiphany moment came when I was selected with 8 other chocolatiers from across the country to Ecuador to witness the cacao harvest. The trip proved to be both educational and inspirational. I realized that the finished product was not the whole part of the puzzle. Responsibly sourcing the best cacao in the world from small family farms via direct trade became our mission. We believe that ensuring proper wages for the hard working cacao farmers is not only the right thing to do, but it is also imperative for the sustainability of cacao. I am a complete student of the game. I love connecting with other chocolatiers and customers and have been incredibly lucky to have made so many wonderful friendships along the way.  I currently reside in New Hope, PA with my wife, 2 kids and miniature schnauzer. 

Tom Block

Back in the late sixties I graduated from college with a degree in Political Science and Education.  I began teaching political science, enjoyed it, but something was missing. I had an entrepreneurial spirit that needed to be fulfilled.  

I was fascinated with the fudge operations at Niagara Falls, Mackinaw Island, and the state fairs.  Knowing nothing about fudge or chocolate making, I decided to leave my teaching position and jump into the confection business.  With the help of some people in the chocolate business, I started to learn the craft and, in short order, opened a fudge shop kiosk in a large upstate New York regional mall.  The basic concept was to make fudge (and eventually chocolates) on location. It was originally meant to be open for the holidays only, but it was such a success that it became a permanent business. It was followed by several other mall locations.  

In 1976, I decided to leave my business and move to New Hope.  Having grown up outside of Princeton, New Jersey, I was familiar with Bucks County and New Hope and it's sense of community.  Having been successful in New York, I figured I'd try again and opened Country Fair Chocolates on Main Street in New Hope. Again I was making the chocolates on location but expanding the product line.  My parents, who also loved Bucks County, eventually moved to the area (followed by all four siblings). When they settled in and began running Country Fair, I was able to open, with another Tom who grew up with my family and then moved here as well, the first of several shops in Princeton.

Called Thomas Sweet, we made on-location chocolates and ice cream. After becoming very successful, we opened several franchise stores. Thirty+ years was enough and we sold the business and it is still going strong today.  Years earlier I had sold Country Fair, which is still going strong in New Hope.

Still I needed something to do, so with my daughter Sara's suggestion and involvement, I opened a chocolate cafe in Philadelphia (where she was going to school).  It was a great location, great looking cafe, and great business, however, after six years and opening two other cafes with a partner, it was time to stop commuting to Philly.

Through serendipity, I bought a very well-known chocolate shop in New Hope, Pierre's Chocolates.  Opened in 1986, the shop developed a great following.

I brought my son-in-law (Sara's husband, Justin) into the business, and with his expertise and great palette for chocolate, we continued to grow Pierre's by expanding the chocolates that we used.  Justin has travelled to Central and South America to source cacao and other ingredients for Pierre's.

Missing the Naked Chocolate concept and wanting to bring the chocolates to an even higher level, and with the involvement of Stan Brown, whose real estate expertise was instrumental in finding the Philadelphia locations, Justin and I set out to open a Naked Chocolate. With Stan as a partner and the one who found our location in Newtown, we have opened Naked Chocolate. We are all thrilled with the store's design.

We will be making "bean to bar" chocolates in our chocolate room visibly behind a great glass window.  We will be roasting cacao beans that Justin has sourced from Central and South America. Everyone will be able to see the chocolate making process from roasting to conching.  We are making beautiful, hand-painted bon bons and single origin chocolate bars with cacao beans from around the world. And we are offering our award-winning hot drinking chocolate.

I am still living in New Hope with my wife, Jacky, and Sara's family close by.


Stanton Brown

My love of chocolate started while in elementary school and specifically during the summer months at the Jersey Shore.  I would hit the boardwalk with every intention of trying to win tickets for all those amazing prizes behind the arcade counter, but instead I found myself delaying my skeeball and arcade game play to go next door to my favorite candy store.  Once the heavy wood door would open and you walked inside you were greeted with the smell of fresh made chocolates wafting through the air and I would have just enough money for a few dark chocolate pretzels and non pareils as my parents would sit on the rolling chairs and watch the masses stroll on by.  

However, summer was over and now one of my challenges as a 9 year old with an elevated palette for better chocolate beyond the typical grocery store brands was no one made a dark chocolate candy bar and I would have no alternative but to eat the Semi Sweet morsels for baking to satisfy that craving for richer chocolate.  To try and solve the problem, I took it upon my entrepreneurial self to write to Nestle Corporation and request they make the Nestle crunch bar in dark as well as so many of their other candy bars.  I thought it was a simple solution... have your team just melt down the chocolate chip morsels and recreate the same candy bars.  Nestle was kind enough to respond with some free coupons and let me know they would look into the suggestion. I only had to wait 20+ years, but now Dark Chocolate is in vogue and my smile is bigger than ever to now be able to indulge in Naked Chocolate.

Fast forward years later, I was thrilled to represent Naked Chocolate and secure their three Center City locations in many of the emerging neighborhoods.  Tom had a great bio and now his daughter Sara was along side him to serve up some of the finest chocolates and sipping chocolates I can ever remember tasting.

Some time passed and Sara added a husband (Justin) and Tom's family grew.  We stayed in touch and I knew the brand needed to be born again, but this time somewhere closer to their family in Bucks County.  Village at Newtown emerged as the smart choice to rebrand and relaunch Naked Chocolate.  The redevelopment and all the new stores and restaurants made this a great fit and the community was exactly the customer that would appreciate this amazing brand.

Welcome to our family and welcome to Naked Chocolate!  Remember - "Chocolate should be experienced!"  So, come get Naked and experience all that we offer.

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